Hull Breach Kickstarter Extras
Hull Breach Kickstarter Extras
Hull Breach Kickstarter Extras
Hull Breach Kickstarter Extras
Hull Breach Kickstarter Extras
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Hull Breach Kickstarter Extras

Hull Breach Kickstarter Extras

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Indulge yourself with this suite of exclusive Hull Breach Vol. 1 bonus content, patches and physical paraphernalia. These surplus materials from our Kickstarter are available in extremely limited supply, never to be reprinted.
  • Embroidered Patch
  • Mothership RPG
  • Supplement
  • Wirebound

Product Description

CONGRATULATIONS! You qualify for our luxury Executive Suite accessory bundle, morale-boosting “Days Since Last Hull Breach” patch and emergency “Escape Pod Pass” patch!


This premium Hull Breach Vol. 1 accessory and content-expansion pack will elevate your Mothership gameplay paradigm. Protected inside our electronics-rated antistatic bag, you’ll find the following collectable items:

Breach of Contract
The definitive guide interstellar corporate law for Mothership 1e, complete with tear-away contract handouts and brutal enforcement guidelines. 86-page wirebound book.

Agent Class
A brand new Mothership class trained for corporate spy games and intrigue-laden scenarios. Tri-fold pamphlet.

Public Sector Map
Foldout full-color 17” x 11” poster star map of the Hull Breach Vol. 1 campaign setting. Exclusive item.

Bookmark Mini-Dungeon
A complete, fully illustrated haunted derelict-crawl dungeon that fits on a bookmark! You never know when you need an emergency scenario. Exclusive item.

Semiotic Sticker Pack
Beautiful graphical stickers inspired by the famous Alien semiotic standard ship icons. Each sticker acts as an unlockable character-sheet achievement with unique mechanical benefits! Exclusive item.

Teamsters Union ID Card
Rep your local interstellar Teamsters Union with this fun prop ID. Check the back for gameable Union safety requirements! Plastic ID Card.

Your purchase comes with PDF versions of both Breach of Contract and the Agent Class.


    Oh you, always with the morbid jokes! We have to laugh to keep from crying in the inhospitable vacuum of space, am I right?

    Orange, triangular 3” x 3” embroidered iron-on patch. 



    Guarantee your safety when self-destruct alarm starts blaring! Secure your escape today.

    Green, rectangular 3” x 2.5” embroidered iron-on patch. 


    These items are exclusive to the Anodyne online store (YOU ARE HERE).

    Accessory and patch design by Eric Hill, Lone Archivist and Meredith Silver

    Published by Anodyne Printware

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